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Approach at Compass Early Learning Centre is eclectic – it is developed to challenge the child’s development is all aspects, which leads to a practical and enjoyable way of learning. As a result, it ensures a firm foundation for future development.

At Compass, we ensure there is significant focus is on specific areas of development of each child.

Parent Interactive Sessions

Building positive relationships with and among children, while growing a healthy personality of a confident learner.


Always bringing new and interesting ways for children to develop strength, balance, coordination, and motor skills.


Logical thinking, mathematics, scientific thinking.

Language & Literacy

Daily opportunities are provided during choice time, small- and large-group times to engage in meaningful conversations with children about their experiences and ideas.

Creative Development

Art, music, dance, role play, construction/creation, craft, are integrated into the daily classroom experiences.

Meet Our Teachers

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Chief Operating Officer

K.Amritha is a working partner at Compass Montessori and manages all the...